Monday, January 25, 2010

Safeway at 35th & 75th - planning in the works for demolition and reconstruction

Seattle's Department of Land Use and Development website shows several project files related to a planned demolition and reconstruction of the Wedgwood Safeway at 7340 35th Ave NE. Wedgwood Vision Project participants had discussed the Safeway site and potential opportunities when the site was eventually redeveloped. Looks like it's not so eventual!

To see the project files, visit DPD's Permit Status and Complaint pages and search by address or by project numbers 3007731, 3009877, 6203804, 6147344, and 6237436.


Per said...

Thanks for posting this Randy! Great to see Safeway proposes to redevelop the site. Due to its location and size, the outcome of the redevelopment could shape the future of Wedgwood's aesthetic. Hopefully the City will be consciouse of the WVP and take into accout ideas gleaned from the first meeting, even if they're still only informal.

Valarie Bunn said...

I see that Safeway has applied for permits but there's no dates or timeline, or any schematic drawings. Will there be opportunity to view building plans? Any public comment period?

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