Monday, January 25, 2010

CORA NW study on new, proposed multi-family building codes

Changes to Seattle's multi-family building codes will affect how new, multi-family housing in Wedgwood will look and function.

CORA NW is the Congress on Residential Architecture, NW chapter. Architect David Neiman is a member and has kept us in the loop on their feedback to the city on proposed changes to multi-family housing codes.

Their September 2009 of how the proposed codes may be expressed is online:
White Hat / Black Hat: An Analysis of the Multi-Family Update (13 MB PDF document)

Timeline: David reports that we can expect hearings as early as March 2010 on the proposed changes. Then the Department of Planning and Development will incorporate changes and do a SEPA review, with a final vote expected sometime in June. Something to keep up on!

See also the CORA NW blog.

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