Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedgwood Vision Plan almost finished

Recipe for a Vision Plan...


  • Input from scores of community members at community meetings.
  • Over 800 responses to a community survey.
  • Hundreds of volunteer hours.
  • Professional consulting by an experienced urban design firm.

  • Form steering committee advised by consultant to synthesize community input.
  • Create vision plan draft and let rise.
  • Knead, rework, and let rise again.
  • Repeat step 3.
  • Release final plan to the community and celebrate!

The Vision Project steering committee and Makers Architecture & Urban Design are in the process of editing a final draft of the Wedgwood Vision Plan. In the long delay since our last post, we have been following the recipe above with promising results.

Save the date: July 14, 7-8:30 p.m. outside at 35th Ave NE & NE 80th St. The public release and celebration of the Wedgwood Vision Plan! More details to come.


Sarah B said...

Looking forward to it. What happens after that? How does it impact future development, funding, etc?

David Atcheson said...

It looks very likely that the plan will call for initiating a formal neighborhood planning process. That effort could produce, for instance, neighborhood specific design guidelines that would carry weight with design review boards. Certainly lots to learn during that process, which will get into much greater detail than the vision plan.

But, in the meantime, the Vision Plan itself would be shared with and promoted among city agencies and review boards and serve as an important reference for developers seeking to implement projects consistent with where the community wants to go.

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